Farman Construction works with all residential customers in the Spokane area. We have the equipment and ability to install any type of roof on your home. We offer numerous roofing types and can explain the pros and cons  to you. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction, and we will work hard for you until we achieve that goal.

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When you have a new roof installed from our experts at Farman Construction, you will see firsthand the excellent service that the rest of Spokane is talking about. Our roofing team brings all of the materials and supplies necessary to install your roof as fast as possible, limiting the disruption to your routine. We will also ensure that your yard and roof is clean and clear of any debris before we leave your home each day of your roofing installation. Although we love our Spokane customers, our goal is to see you only once- to install a high-quality roof that lasts and stands up to the heaviest rains and winds Spokane can offer.
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Simple Shingle Repair
If you are missing only a few sporadic shingles, the easiest, cheapest, and fastest option is a simple repair. Farman Construction offers quick repairs to our Spokane customers. A simple shingle repair involves simply replacing the missing or damaged shingles with new ones that match your current roof and style. For a FREE estimate on simple shingle repair, call us today!
Assessing storm damage is no fun. When you walk out of your home and notice shingles in the yard and “bald spots” on the roof, it can cause stress and frustration. At Farman Construction, our goal is to ease your worries by providing quality roofing repairs at competitive prices. We also schedule all roofing repairs as soon as possible, so that your roof isn’t exposed to the elements any longer than necessary.
Storm Damage
If you are looking for extensive repairs, and your roof only has one layer of shingles, a layover may be the best answer for you. Layovers simply add another layer of shingles over the existing layover. While similar to getting a new roof, it saves the cost of having to tear off and dump the original shingles. This is a very budget-friendly method for many of our Spokane customers and provides you with extra protection.
No matter what repair option you choose, all of our repairs are backed with a 10-year workmanship warranty.
We take pride in our roofing. Any of our repairs are guaranteed to last. If a leaky roof has been driving you crazy,
or if you’ve noticed some discoloration on your ceiling, it’s time to call Farman Construction. We will come to your
Spokane home ready to assess the damage and perform repairs.

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Workmanship Warranty